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Comelit PAC Software

PAC easinet™ residential

Protecting your space always.

easinet™ residential is designed to support residential deployments with customer focussed features and a dedicated User Interface for configuring and maintaining security through electronic access and building controls to single location or multi-site residential estates.


At the heart of easinet™ residential is the configuration and management of the PAC on-site electronic Access Control system including:

    • Keyholder management for residents and staff through the adding, modifying and deleting of Keyholder’s ID Devices.
    • Access control options that can be applied at an estate, block and individual residence level.
    • Access Groups for easy allocation of keyholders to access privileges.

IT Friendly

easinet™ residential is a software package that suits easy IT deployment onto Windows based servers or as a cloud hosted software solution through PAC’s Residential Cloud offering.

Supporting multiple operator access either:

    • Directly on the server.
    • Via a web browser across the customer’s internal network.
    • Via a web browser across the internet for Residential Cloud.
    • Connectivity to the on-site access control system can be provided over the following means:
    • Traditional dial-up
    • Over-air-IP (Mobile)
    • TCP/IP LAN

PAC Access Central™

Securing you always.

Access Central™ is a powerful software management platform designed to support commercial and educational sectors with access control and building management features and capabilities dedicated to supporting a wide range of security applications from a single premises to a large multi-site commercial or educational environment.

Access Control Management

At the heart of Access Central™ is the configuration and management of the PAC on-site electronic Access Control system including:

    • Keyholder management for adding, modifying and deleting Keyholder’s ID Devices.
    • Access Groups for easy allocation of keyholders to access privileges.
    • Door Mode Profiles for flexibility on how and when doors can be unlocked.
    • Area management and additional access control functionality such as anti-passback policies.

Simple Building Management

Access Central™ enables easy expansion into more feature rich building controls that support enhanced security and people safety policies including:

    • Fully featured Lift Control that offers a range of options from simple ‘Lift Call’ feature to full ‘Lift Control’ that restricts Keyholder’s to specific floors within the building.
    • 3rd party equipment monitoring.
    • Powerful Event to Action capability to drive 3rd party equipment, alarms and notifications.
    • Map viewer that supports uploading and maintaining building plans including locations of equipment and alarm points.

PAC Residential Cloud

The PAC Residential Cloud allows customers to manage and monitor their access control systems in a secure, modern and cloud based environment.

With easy and flexible remote connectivity and the ultra secure cloud environment, PAC Residential Cloud minimises deployment risks for residential complexes.

Contact us for more information or Download the PAC Residential Cloud brochure

  • Your database is your biggest asset in both practical and monetary terms – PAC Residential Cloud keeps it protected and backed-up to ensure smooth operations and avoid financial repercussions.
  • When system management is required, you do not need to deploy staff to the site every time they are needed. With remote connectivity all system management tasks can be carried out from any location.
  • Flexible system management – browser interface or desktop application.
  • Utilizing existing communication infrastructures for system implementation saves time and cost – a truly cloud-based system without any complications.
  • Event data is crucial to protecting your residents – this will allow you to act fast and ensure the property is safe and sound for its residents.
  • Your system can only function with a database – PAC Residential Cloud ensures your information can be easily recovered saving time and money on an otherwise impossible task.
  • The System Database is yours even if you change your mind at the end of the contract, PAC will hand your data back to you at no additional cost.